It’s been a while!

As with all good intentions you try to keep things going  but other things get in the way.  I haven’t posted here in far too long and I hope to change that going forward.  I’ll be planning to do a post each week at least.

I did my first Twitch stream yesterday afternoon (The last one was 31 October 2016)After updating my stream software, notifications, graphics and Modbot.  I managed to get Mass Effect 2 free on Origin when it was available and thought I would give that a go – So far I have enjoyed it.  I have never played any ME games but watched a few streams on Twitch.  I’m only a hour or so into the game as I write this so still a way to go.

When I’m streaming in the future I will be carrying on this playthough – I’m determined to complete games this year!!!  It will be great to see you in my chat when I’m live so don’t be shy – say hi 🙂

Anyway. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and speak to you all soon.


If you want to check out where I’m up to……..

*Note: Thanks to Win10 + BSOD I clearly had no choice in ending the stream 😀


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