So whats new?


Its been a long while since i last posted but we are here now – so whats new?

At the end of May 2017 I got accepted as Affiliate on Twitch.  My stream schedule has been pretty full on with about 20 days of ‘no streams’ since the start of April.  I have placed my schedule on the site here .

The channel on twitch has been overhauled with new graphics and we now have a couple of great new bots to enable you (viewers) to interact more whilst in chat.  The first one is gatherbot – you can find your personal profile page by clicking the following link

Along side gatherbot I am using streamlabs new overlay extension which accrues Donuts as you watch.  There is one issue with this is that mobile viewers can use it. I ‘m hoping this gets fixed soon as other than that issue – its great!  You can access polls and giveaways and use the Donuts to buy different rewards.


For all the followers and subs who are chatting in my stream you will now see a little ‘streamatar’ pop up on the screen. Each person gets one and you can buy actions and accessories with spondoolies you earn whilst watching the stream.  This enables you to have a unique ‘streamatar’ just as you want it.


So thats about it for now.

Happy gaming!!


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